THO Exclusive Interview with U.S. Chamber of Commerce Executive Director of the U.S.-Turkey Business Council Jennifer Miel

Perspectives on the U.S.-Turkey business relationship and 2017 economic outlook

Turkey’s economy and security concerns

31 Jan 17

"Cooperation between private sector and public sector, and all spheres, specifically cyber security is a great one, in separating security concerns from business concerns."

Devaluing lira: a domestic economic issue or the global issue?

31 Jan 17

"You see a trend from many emerging markets, peers of Turkey as well, that there is a downward trend for currency."

Trade between the U.S. and Turkey with the new Administration

31 Jan 17

"The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is very optimistic...we've had some consultations initially with the new administration. Their economic team is not in place yet, so we do not fully know what they'e thinking. But what we can say is that it looks like they're more in the direction of bilateral agreements vs. multilateral agreements."

Future potential the U.S. Chamber of Commerce sees in Turkey

31 Jan 17

"U.S. Chamber of Commerce and international investors believe in the long-term strategic potential of Turkey."

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